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2010 - 2011 Webinars

2009 - 2010 Archived Webinars
1/20 CFF: Coach Log
1/25 The Importance of CFF Implementation Team and Communicating with Administrators
2/3 CFF: SAS: What is a Coach to do?
2/8 CFF: Coaching Strategies
2/9 CFF: Coach Log
3/8 Formative Assessment and Web 2.0
3/24 SCAN Tool for Problem-Solving
3/25 Using Your Polyvision Boards
4/7 Polyvision Features and Q and A
4/11 PA Attorney Discusses AUPs
4/13 Creating a Personal Learning Network
4/15 Building Trust with Reluctant Teachers
4/15 Librarian/Coach Partnership
5/5 Promethean Features and Q and A
5/13 Cellphones in the Classroom